Second Generation Hypnotherapist Mark Johnson is now offering his next Basic and Advanced Chicago Hypnotherapy Training in Chicago, Illinois. There is an old saying, when the student is ready, the teacher will be there and that applies to Hypnotherapy Training in Chicago. Mark was exposed to hypnosis from an early age as he watched his father hypnotize family and friends. Mark got serious about Hypnotherapy in 2003 and took the most advanced course he could find in order to learn as much about hypnosis as he could.

Hypnotherapy Certification vs Licensing

Chicago Hypnotherapy TrainingProspective hypnosis students and clients ask about hypnosis licensing quite often. The fact is that requirements vary from state to state. However, at the time of this writing there are no states that require licensing to practice hypnosis. I look at Hypnotherapy Certification in two ways. First you need to learn hypnotherapy in order to qualify to earn your hypnosis certification. The added
benefit is that when you complete your Chicago Hypnotherapy Training your certification will provide you with credibility for your clients.

There are a variety of different Hypnotherapy Certifications and different Hypnotherapy Certification Organizations. A good way to determine that a specific certification organization is provided by one of the major certification organizations to check to see if they hold an annual Hypnotherapy Conference. Some people teach hypnosis and offer their own certification, which I do for some of my specialty courses, but you want to make sure that the hypnotherapy certification is provided by an organization that will be there in 10 or 20 years.

Chicago Hypnotherapy Training

Mark has been teaching hypnotherapy since 2011, but he also continues to learn by attending classes presented by other instructors as well. In 2014 Mark earned his Alchemical Hypnotherapy Certification and is incorporating some of those ideas into his own training. In addition, often attends teacher training programs and conferences so that he can make additional types of  training available to his Chicago Hypnotherapy Training students.

The other thing that is important to understand is that learning never stops. A great hypnotherapist learns not only by taking classes, but also by working with clients. This is an ongoing process, in fact once you earn your Certified Hypnotherapist Certification, you may find that you learn something with each client you see.

Mark is a Certified Master Trainer with The International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT). Due to his dedication to Hypnotherapy Training, as evidenced by Mark offering his training in multiple locations around the country, IACT presented him with the 2016 Educator of the Year award.

You’ll find additional details about Mark’s Chicago Hypnotherapy Training here on this site as well as at Hypnotherapy Training. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact Mark or give him a call.

Online Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Schedule

This 14-Day Online Chicago Hypnotherapy Training for Certification is Divided Into 3 Four-Day Modules with an additional 14 hours to complete the 110 hour Hypnotherapy Certification requirements